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Thank God." Human bridge Another woman told how her husband had made himself into a human bridge so she and her daughter could climb across to safety - but when she called to him to follow he said there were others who needed help getting out. The Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, has flown to Zeebrugge.

She paid this tribute to the emergency services: "It has been a night of great courage and a night of great professionalism and of concern on the part of all the rescue services." Questions are already being asked about how the ferry tipped over so fast.

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Managing director of Townsend Thoresen Peter Ford said: "The doors on these ships are held by massive hydraulic rams...

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It was so frightening, it really was." She was being filmed by a BBC camera crew when a member of the hospital staff brought her the news her daughter had been found and was safe and well.

She burst into tears and said, "She's alive, she's alive. The Duke and Duchess of York have gone to Belgium on her behalf.

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