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Luckily, there is an interview with him on the DVD which was quite informative and which I thoroughly enjoyed.

The two stars of the film actually did fall in love during production, from which a daughter resulted, so I think that is a lovely "personal touch" to this drama.

[...] [I]magine a bright, beautiful, healthy, kind young woman who has matured from a fairly happy childhood.

She has received a Sociology degree from a top university and is working on her Masters in addition to having started her career.

The relationship between Richard and Natalie proves dangerously obsessional. See full summary » What a wonderful,touching love story has been placed on film by this great director. The camera-work is superb and the viewer feels as tho they are eavesdropping, as indeed they are.

Today the Christian dating sites offer their services to Christians living on the territory of the UK and outside it limits to bring together people of the same faith, religion and beliefs.

With the help of Christian dating sites you are already in the community of people with the same faith and beliefs.

Matchmaking becomes easier and faster with the help of flexible search function that will narrow the list of potential romantic partners for you in accordance with your criteria.

A couple of years ago, Melissa met an older woman - older to her, anyway - named Linda and felt an instant connection with her. They found that they were attracted to each other in many ways, including physically – after all, both Linda and Melissa are what most people would consider attractive.

They would have married if they could, but they can’t. Women can marry each other in several places in the United States.

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