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It was "an extremely well-crafted film debut by Nicole Kassell, which treats the controversial theme of paedophilia with great insight and sensitivity, thanks not least to Kevin Bacon's fine performance in the leading role".Another woman, Amma Asante, won the £15,000 UK Film Talent Award, sponsored by Alfred Dunhill with the UK Film Council, for her directorial debut, A Way of Life, which offers a chilling insight into racism through the lives of five children.

But it's a tough industry and I've chosen it and therefore I've made my bed," she said.

It tells the story of Caouette's chaotic upbringing in a dysfunctional family marked by mental illness and was made for the staggeringly small sum of 8.32 (£118.55).

Sandra Hebron, director of the London Film Festival, which is organised by the British Film Institute, said: "Tarnation is visionary film-making which genuinely pushes the boundaries of how we understand cinema.

Website: vimeo.com/21623741 IMDB: com/title/tt1813152 Print/Video availability: 35mm and DVD (additional video formats available upon request) Print/Video source: Producer: [email protected] availability: Vimeo (free streaming) vimeo.com/214114256 Synopsis: Dramatic, funny, poignant and even strange, AMATEUR NIGHT presents 16 amateur films from the collections of American film archives.

A project of the Center for Home Movies, this groundbreaking compilation pieces together family moments, historical scenes, animation, drama, comic routines and travelogues dating from 1915 to 2005, demonstrating the eclectic array of entertainment, innovation and enlightenment found in home movies.

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