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It is the mainline service passing through Warrington Bank Quay.

The line was built in stages between the 1830s and the 1870s, with the first stages being the Grand Junction Railway (Warrington - Birmingham) and the London and Birmingham Railway, both completed in the 1830s.

Following privatisation, the principal operator on the line has been Virgin Trains who operate all long-distance express services, but many regional operators along the route also run local commuter services.

The WCML is currently nearing completion of a major upgrade along almost its entire length.

It has to be said he was glad to see the back of steam.

He drove DMU's, on Warrington/St Helens trips and on more than one occasion I went with him.

My grandmother would take me to Bank Quay and when his train came in Id get on and do 2 or 3 trips with him sitting along side him in the drivers compartment.

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This is when the term "West Coast Main Line" officially came into use, although the term is something of a misnomer given that the line only runs along the coast on a brief section overlooking Morecambe Bay just north of Lancaster.

I have many happy memories of my grandfather and the railway.

He was a driver, and as a child of about 7-10 years old I went down to Dallam shed with him.

The line was modernised and electrified in stages between 19 - initial electrification was in 1959 between Crewe and Manchester and Liverpool, with the rest of the southern section of the line following in stages to 1967; the line from Weaver Junction (where the route to Liverpool diverges) to Glasgow was electrified in 1974.

This era was notable for time consuming and congestion causing routine changes from steam, and later diesel, to electric traction at busy change-over stations like Birmingham New Street, Crewe and Preston.

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