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Tail to be well set up on chine with well developed thigh.Of a medium quality, white with well defined black patches. Wensleydale Sheep Originated in North Yorkshire early in the 19th Century from a cross between a long since extinct local longwool breed from the region of the River Tees and an outstanding Dishley Leicester ram named “Bluecap”.The front legs should not be set too wide apart and the animal must be well balanced. The breed is primarily a terminal sire and the fleshing quality is of the highest importance. The fleece is white, fine and dense, the staple length quite short.Main Purpose of Breed The Charollais breed is now firmly established within the UK sheep sector a a major terminal sire.The body is long with a well muscled broad loin and wide deep chest.The head is free from wool, pinkish/fawn in colour sometimes with spots.

It is the breeds intrinsic qualities of fast growth, lean heavy fleshing and conformation that make it the ideal sire of meat lambs from today’s consumer.

It is preferred that skin beneath the white wool be a good pink, and black beneath the dark wool. The breed was developed to produce hardy rams for crossing onto hill ewes, together with high quality and valuable lustre fleeces.

The breed is probably unique in that its Association is able to not only identify a foundation sire, but also trace that ram’s parentage, year and place of birth and breeder.

Back – straight, level from base of neck to setting on the tail, which should be broad.

Well sprung ribs, body well let down, forming a good bottom line.

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