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The exhibition shows drawings and photographs giving an overview of the work that Alain Tisserand, diploma in science industrial aesthetic, has carried out between 19 on the history of the ancient marine.

For the rest, that is to say, the abandoned processes of our days, only the experimentation can bring some lighting.

In this book, Michel Bouvier, after he found a number of these older methods and in particular those involving various plants used by the Greeks and the Romans to protect, and even improve their wines, we described a large number of tests carried out in the duration, often with impressive results.

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Olympias Project at the end of the 80s and early 90s: reconstitution of an ancient Athenian triere, having allowed , with the help of 170 rowers in 1987 to reach the speed of 9 knots (17 km/h) and carry out a half-turn at 180 degrees in less than a minute, demonstrating the maneuverability and the velocity of this vessel, as is described by the ancient authors, including at the battle of Salamis against the Persians.

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And just like actual dates, dates in Luna can go wonderfully, or horribly, horribly wrong.This level of compatibility is shown to the players via a heart alarm. It’s visible to all players and only activates when 2 characters are over 90% compatible.This Alarm lets both characters know that they have the possibility to date.Now that we’re getting closer to the Public Closed Beta, now’s a good time to go over exactly what Luna Online is all about. That means that Luna focuses more on the social interaction side of MMOs that just about any other game available today.Essentially it has a dating website built right into the game.

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