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Chytilová´s Daisies (, 1970) is one of my personal favorites, a sumptuous, erotic, beautiful fairy tale.All three directors remained in Czechoslovakia during Soviet occupation, and continued to direct.Klos faded into obscurity: it was twenty years of communist rule before he directed another film.The following year brought Closely Observed Trains (, 1966), directed by Jiří Menzel, which is often pointed to as the pinnacle of Czech cinematic achievement, and also took home the Academy Award.All the hallmarks of the Czech New Wave are here: humor mixed with tragedy, humanity, and an almost urgent sense of realism. Kadár and Klos made one more film together: Adrift (, 1969), during which production was disrupted by Soviet occupation.Afterwards, Kadár emigrated to America, directing a couple minor Hollywood efforts before his death.Recent highlights for me have included a pristine copy of the Harvey Keitel-Johnny Rotten drama Copkiller (which only exists in the home video market in a grotty VHS transfer) and a screening of the 1921 version of The Three Musketeers with live piano accompaniment (and I’ll never forget a two-day marathon of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s sixteen-hour Berlin Alexanderplatz at Ponrepo a decade ago).

The master puppeteer Jiří Trnka normally isn´t associated with the Wave either, but his final film, The Hand (, 1965) is a powerful short tackling the subjects of oppression and freedom of expression. Jan Němec also thrived during the period, and though he may not be as famous as some of the other directors of the time, he was responsible for Oratorio for Prague (1968), the famous and widely-seen record of the Soviet invasion of Prague in 1968.

He also directed Diamonds of the Night (, 1964) an exceptional, compelling, nearly dialogue-less film that follows two young Jewish men as they run from their Nazi oppresors.

In 1970, director Karel Kachyňa made one of the last gasps of the Czech New Wave.

Writer Ivan Passer also emigrated to America, where he directed some great but unfortunately little seen ‘B´ films, including Born to Win with George Segal and Cutter’s Way with Jeff Bridges.

Surrealism also flourished during the Czech New Wave, especially under directors Věra Chytilová, Juraj Herz, and Jaromil Jireš.

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