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North America stores were owned and operated by The Children's Place's subsidiary Hoop Holdings from 2004 to 2008. In India, two licensed chains, Disney Jeans and Disney Artist, are owned and operated by Indus Clothing and Ravi Jaipuria Corporation respectively.

The Oriental Land Company's subsidiary Retail Networks Co., Ltd. Disney's Character Warehouse Outlet Store was licensed out to liquidator Asset Management & Sales LLC to sell overstock and discontinued Disney Parks merchandise.

On June 8, 2007, Disney Consumer Products and Children’s Place settled a licensing agreement dispute, in which Disney indicated 130 unfixed breaches.

Children's Place agreed to have a new prototype store design approved by Disney by the end of June with the prototype to rolled out to 234 existing stores by January 31, 2012, while 18 new prototype store would be opened by early 2009.

Also, The Children's Place opened Disney outlet stores, which have lower operating costs and typically have a high profit margin even though they have reduced prices versus mall stores.

Previously, Disney Stores have been well known for inflated initial prices, which would be marked down substantially after just a few weeks.

The Disney Play stores would stock Disney character toys, plush dolls and costumes aimed at young children, while Disney Kids at Home targeted parents looking to purchase home furnishings, clothing and bed & bath products for their children.

Some were expected to be a hybrid of both concepts.

Hoops saw progress with its strategy as open stores in 2006 for 11 month saw 15% increase in sales assisted by a better Disney box office results and the Disney Channel hit High School Musical.

A store website would be up and running in April 2007.

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