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Engine conditions deteriorated on the flight back to Carswell Air Force Base. The pilot shut down the number-three engine and feathered its propeller.

The B-36B had only one operating engine on the left wing, so the pilot aborted the remainder of the training mission and set course for Kelly Air Force Base.

Flight engineer Captain Samuel Baker retarded the spark, set the mixture controls to "normal", and set the engine RPMs to 2,500 to increase the power from the remaining engines.

Unknown to Captain Baker, the vibration from the guns had disabled the electrical systems controlling the spark settings and fuel mixture.

The fuel mixture indicators for all of the engines indicated lean. He noticed that the turbo-amplifiers and mixture amplifiers were all cooler than normal.There are three engines still in pretty good shape - whether they and the guns are worth salvaging I couldn't say.That is up to the experts in aircraft re-building to decide. A more complete description of the survey of the wreckage is available at Don Pyeatt's B-36 web site.Click on the number-one propellor and then follow the "Notable Mishaps" link.A helicopter pilot that works in the area and has visited the site provided the following information: The wreck was found last year only 20 miles from the camp where I work every summer. The planned 30-hour training mission consisted of air-to-air gunnery, bombing, simulated radar bombing, and navigational training. The charger for the right gun burned out, so he expended just half of his ammunition. Oliver Hildebrandt noted that the vibration from firing the 20mm cannons increased significantly during the fourth gunnery pass.

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