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Once you are at Kaplan International English, we will be glad to help you change your visa or apply for a visa extension if necessary.

Personal Overseas Bank accounts A student can provide evidence that they have funds to support their own stay.

You can’t get a student visa without proof of a start and end date (to determine whether the length of your course is valid for the student visa).

Kaplan International English does not issue your visa and therefore cannot confirm for how long it will be valid.

Certain countries are included on a visa-waiver list.

Travellers from these countries are entitled to enter New Zealand without obtaining a visa if they are staying less than 3 months. To view more information and to see if your country is on the visa-waiver list, please visit INZ has offshore offices, listed here: If you are not able to visit these offices you can also try the nearest New Zealand embassy to your country.

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